Course Launch

I recently introduced myself on the Sociable Video social media channels, but also wanted to list our latest news updates, including:

New Partner

My name is Lisa Timmons and I recently joined the Sociable Video team, which now includes Wayne Ford and myself.

Between the two of us, we offer digital marketing expertise on a vast array of specialties that include web video, blogging, copywriting, social media and web design, just to name a few.

Together, we plan on creating comprehensive online courses to help you succeed in all areas of digital marketing.

Better Blogging

Our first project together is a blogging course that we launched earlier this month on

For a preview at what the 3+ hour-long course offers, watch the 2-minute embedded video above.

While there are many technical courses and some blogging/blog writing courses, we feel ours stands out because it covers both the technical and creative aspects of blogging.

What to Expect

Over the next few weeks, we will be hard at work on some new courses.

First, we’ll be improving our original course, Online Video And YouTube Marketing Training with some key updates to make sure that the course content remains relevant in the face of ever-expanding technology updates.

After that, we’ll be packaging a brand new course around social media campaigns and best practices.

In between product launches, we plan on providing you with free tips for the digital media marketplace and, as always, look forward to interacting with you on all our social media channels.

Happy learning!

This beautiful piece of animation and storytelling has a purpose but it’s not hitting you over the head with brand messaging. Chipotle understands that you don’t need to cram a certain number of brand mentions or integrations for a marketing video to be effective. With this viral video concept Chipotle has found a way to communicate their mission of “changing the way the world thinks about and eats fast food” that is emotionally engaging and powerfully connects with the viewer.

We don’t even see a logo until the last few seconds of video.

The video also leads to an interaction element – the game app, for people that want to continue exploring this world Chipotle has created  and through that learn more about where our food comes from and what it takes to produce it.

The behind the scenes video is worth a viewing as well.

How can you use these ideas and concepts in your video marketing efforts?

In this episode taken straight from the Sociable Video Training Course, I will teach you how to overcome your fear of being on camera. It’s very common and natural to not like being in front of a video camera but it’s something that everyone can condition themselves to overcome.

Becoming the face of your business and appearing in your video marketing can be a game changer! People buy from people and want to connect with YOU.